Wednesday, April 27, 2005

four tet - smile around the face

chances are you've heard four tet one way or another. he's remixed a ton of good artists including radiohead, bloc party, and most recently madvillian. anyways, his latest body of original work entitled "everything ecstatic" drops may 31st on domino records. it's packed with some pretty interesting glitch-pop tunes that blend a wide range of styles (electronic/ambient/idm). recommended if you like: dntel, isan, prefuse 73.

click here to download: four tet - smile around the face

Sunday, April 24, 2005

sam prekop - c + f

sam prekop (of the sea and cake) is back with his second solo album, "whose your new professor?", on thrill jockey records. the chicago native does his usual jazz influenced post-rock sound that he helped create. this time he adds some catchy hooks as well. recommended if you like: the sea and cake, tortoise, stereolab.

click here to download: sam prekop - c + f

Sunday, April 17, 2005

lucero - sixteen

lucero is easily one of my favorite bands on the planet. on may 24th they will be releasing their new album "nobody's darlings" on their own record label, liberty & lament. apparently the band turned down some major labels because they didn't feel like they were ready for all that. the new album sounds great and is filled with lucero's usual whiskey soaked rock and roll. another summer classic. recommended if you like: the replacements, drive-by truckers, jawbreaker.

click here to download: lucero - sixteen

Friday, April 15, 2005

airiel - firefly

shoegazer music is something of the past but there are a still a handful of good bands that are keeping it alive. airiel is one of these bands. in 2004 they released 2 ep's ("crackled" and "melted") as part of a 4 ep collection that they started with clairecords in 2003. my advice is to pick up the whole box set and let the wave of swirling fuzzy guitars crash on top of you. recommended if you like: slowdive, my bloody valentine, swervedriver.

click here to download: airiel - firefly

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

big business - easter romantic

big business is a two man drum and bass (with the occasional lead guitar riff) sonic attack force. one dude from karp and one dude from murder city devils. hydrahead recently put out their debut full length entitled "head for the shallow." the album features pleanty of heavily distorted bass and thundering drums. crack open a beer and let the party begin because this band is, in one word, gnarly. recommended if you like: drive like jehu, death from above 1979, motorhead.

click here to download: big business - easter romantic

Saturday, April 09, 2005

okkervil river - for real

okkervil river recently released their new album "black sheep boy" on april 5th by way of jagjaguwar records. this album is a little more upbeat than their last record but the band still keeps their folk-rock roots. i suggest listening to this as the days start to get warmer while driving with the windows down. the track i posted is called "for real" and it is the band's first single from the album and it kinda reminds me of the first track on wilco's "a ghost is born" and that certainly isn't a bad thing. recommended if you like: leonard cohen, bright eyes, neil young.

click here to download: okkervil river - for real