Sunday, October 30, 2005

amanda rogers - no surprises

up until a couple weeks ago, i was completely clueless when it came to amanda rogers. i read somewhere that she had a new ep coming out on immigrant sun entitled "something borrowed something blue". what intrigued me the most about this release is that it has 5 songs on it, 3 originals and 2 covers. the covers are of an at the drive-in song and a radiohead song...which is the track i decided to post. with the combination of beautiful piano skills and heartfelt vocals, what's not to like? i'm really anxious to explore her prior efforts after hearing this. recommended if you like: fiona apple, cat power, tori amos.

click here to download: amanda rogers - no surprises

Thursday, October 27, 2005

this will destroy you - quiet

there's something about the fall weather that makes me want to listen to some quality instrumental post-rock. while searching for new bands i happened to stumble across just what i was looking for. this will destroy you are a texas based four piece that recently self released their debut ep entitled "young mountain". if you'd like to hear more from the band or purchase the ep you can do so at their myspace page. anyone reading this with record label connections i highly suggest you pass the word along about these guys. i expect big things from them in the near future. recommended if you like: explosions in the sky, mogwai, my education.

click here to download: this will destroy you - quiet

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

lucero - kiss the bottle (live)

because i feel they will never receive the exposure in which they deserve, i've decided to make another lucero post. the band recently put out their second dvd of 2005 (the first one wasn't so great) called dreaming in america. the film was directed by aaron goldman and shot between their last album ("that much further west") and their most recent album ("nobody's darlings"). the film itself runs about 75 minutes long but also included are several live performances in the special features section. you can also get the deluxe version that comes with a cd that collects 14 live recordings of songs spanning lucero's entire career. the track i'm posting comes from that disc and is a cover of a jawbreaker song. recommended if you like: the replacements, drive-by truckers, jawbreaker.

click here to download: lucero - kiss the bottle (live)

Monday, October 24, 2005

husky rescue - new light of tomorrow

my friend has xm radio in his car and when i ride around with him i normally like to be the dj. husky rescue is just one of many good bands i was introduced to while inside of my friend's vehicle. their debut full length "country falls" was originally released on catskills in 2004 but saw a domestic release this year on minty fresh. the domestic version not only features 2 bonus tracks but also includes videos for 3 of the songs from the album. i don't know why this band hasn't received much attention because this album is pretty solid...especially for a debut. recommended if you like: air, stereolab, emiliana torrini.

click here to download: husky rescue - new light of tomorrow

Sunday, October 23, 2005

my bloody valentine - off your face

if you couldn't already tell, my bloody valentine is one of my favorite bands on the planet. in my opinion, "loveless" (sire records) is as close to a perfect album as there will ever be. the track i'm posting is off of their "glider" ep which was recorded right around the same time as "loveless". it's probably the most poppy song i've ever heard by them but it's still 100% classic kevin shields songwriting. i can only hope that with all these other bands doing reunions that they'll be the next one to return from the grave. recommended if you like: the velvet underground, the jesus and mary chain, the cocteau twins.

click here to download: my bloody valentine - off your face

Thursday, October 20, 2005

ryan adams and the cardinals - i still miss someone

ryan adams and the cardinals are back with their second of three albums to be released in 2005. the album is called "jacksonville city nights" and was released via lost highway on sept. 27th. i've heard a lot of people refer to it as a honky-tonk record but to me it's more or less just traditional country. most of the tracks on the album were cut in two or three takes and then left alone so there are a few mistakes here and there but i think it gives the album character. the track i'm posting is a b-side that's currently only available on the vinyl version of the album. it's a haunting cover of one of my favorite johnny cash songs. recommended if you like: willie nelson, johnny cash, hank williams.

click here to download: ryan adams and the cardinals - i still miss someone

Monday, October 17, 2005

explosions in the sky - day two

explosions in the sky is the latest band to take part in temporary residence's limited edition 'travels in constants' series. earlier this month their contribution was released under the title "the rescue" and can only be purchased via the label's online mailorder store or by seeing them live. apparently the band's songwriting process for the project was simple...write, record and complete one new song every day. a technique that seemed to work quite well for a little band named led zeppelin. last week, the band's hard to find debut "how strange innocence" was remastered and re-released by temporary residence as well. recommended if you like: tristeza, godspeed you black emperor, mono.

click here to download: explosions in the sky - day two

Friday, October 14, 2005

magnolia electric co. - werewolves of london

jason molina (frontman for magnolia electric co.) has always been hit or miss with me. i'm a big fan of his voice and of the style of music he makes it's just that some of his songs don't really do anything for me. this year he and his band released a live album "trials and errors" along with a proper full length "what comes after the blues" on secretly canadian records. both of which i have mixed feelings about. however this week they released a companion ep entitled "hard to love a man" and i think it's outstanding. the track i'm posting is a warren zevon cover off the ep and i'm pretty sure everyone will recognize it even if they don't know who he is. recommended if you like: neil young, jay farrar, songs: ohia.

click here to download: magnolia electric co. - werewolves of london

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

saxon shore - this shameless moment

so yesterday i received saxon shore's latest album "the exquisite death of saxon shore" in the mail and it's pretty much all i've been listening to for the past 24 hours. the album doesn't officially get released until october 18th via burnt toast vinyl. the band's 4 members all live in different states up and down the east coast and play epic instrumental post-rock with some subtle electronic flourishes in the background. these guys played here while i was on my vacation and i missed them but i hear they put on a good live show so i'll be sure to catch them the next time they come around. recommended if you like: the mercury program, explosions in the sky, the album leaf.

click here to download: saxon shore - this shameless moment

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

david cross - my wife's crazy!

david cross is probably best known for starring in hbo's "mr. show with bob and david". his sense of humor is often political but mostly he just points out how stupid people are in general. sub pop has been kind enough to release his 2 albums "shut up you fucking baby" and "it's not funny" along with his dvd "let america laugh". they're all worth your time but i decided to post something from his first album to give you a small taste of his stuff. currently, you can catch david starring in fox's sitcom "arrested development". season 1 has been available on dvd for a short while and season 2 just came out today. recommended if you like: bill hicks, lenny bruce, todd barry.

click here to download: david cross - my wife's crazy!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

ester drang - come back alive

ester drang is a four piece electronic influenced indie rock band from oklahoma. on january 24th, jade tree records will be releasing their latest album entitled "rocinate". i seriously cannot wait to hear it. currently 2 members of the band are on tour as the rhythm section for sufjan stevens. if your looking for new material from the band to hold you off until next year then i suggest checking out their vinyl only release "pleasure themes and get rich schemes" (burnt toast vinyl). it features 2 brand new tracks and reworked versions of 2 songs found on their last album, "infinite keys". recommended if you like: pinback, brian eno, the flaming lips.

click here to download: ester drang - come back alive

Friday, October 07, 2005

amusement parks on fire - you made me realise

now i know there's already been plenty of talk about amusement parks on fire but i feel it necessary to mention them because i think i have something original to offer and i'm not into them because of the hype but because i'm a big fan of shoegazer music. the band is actually one guy...well i don't know about touring but as far as writing and recording, it's just one guy and his name is michael feerick. his self titled debut was released domestically by filter a few months ago and i'm sure you already know the deal, thick and crunchy guitars heavy on the distortion. the track i'm posting is a my bloody valentine cover off of the "never lose that feeling" compilation that club ac30 put out in august. more info on that can be found here. recommended if you like: swervedriver, hum, my bloody valentine.

click here to download: amusement parks on fire - you made me realise

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

dios malos - i want it all

well it's october and summer has officially come and gone but thankfully dios malos is back with their second full length to remind me just how awesome it was. formerly known as just dios, the california based band's new self titled album will be coming out on october 11th via startime international. i really liked their first album but this one blows the other right out of the water. sugary summertime jams (with drug references!) just right for staying warm during the incoming fall weather. recommended if you like: the beach boys, the beatles, the shins.

click here to download: dios malos - i want it all

Monday, October 03, 2005

early man - four walls

well i'll start by saying my vacation was a blast and i have a ton of music that i want to share with everyone. i'll begin with a track from one of matador records latest additions to their family, early man. the band consists of 2 dudes from new york by way of columbus, ohio. earlier this year monitor records put out their 3 song ep and on october 11th matador will be releasing their first full length entitled "closing in". this is what i would listen to if i decided to get wasted and trash a hotel room like all those hair metal bands did in the 80's. recommended if you like: black sabbath, iron maiden, the fucking champs.

click here to download: early man - four walls