Tuesday, October 11, 2005

david cross - my wife's crazy!

david cross is probably best known for starring in hbo's "mr. show with bob and david". his sense of humor is often political but mostly he just points out how stupid people are in general. sub pop has been kind enough to release his 2 albums "shut up you fucking baby" and "it's not funny" along with his dvd "let america laugh". they're all worth your time but i decided to post something from his first album to give you a small taste of his stuff. currently, you can catch david starring in fox's sitcom "arrested development". season 1 has been available on dvd for a short while and season 2 just came out today. recommended if you like: bill hicks, lenny bruce, todd barry.

click here to download: david cross - my wife's crazy!


Blogger Eric said...

Yes. I own all his CD's. They always come out whenever we have a long drive that needs to be made. This guy is hilarious.

10/11/2005 11:02 PM  

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