Sunday, August 21, 2005

mid-youth crisis

i'll be on vacation in nags head, nc for the next 6 weeks with 2 friends. i doubt i'll be able to update this anytime during this period but i'll try. take care and be sure to read the blogs in my links section.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

grandaddy - pull the curtains

after a short hiatus, grandaddy has returned with a new ep entitled "excerpts from the diary of todd-zilla" which was apparently inspired by a license plate that frontman jason lytle saw on a monster truck. the ep will be hitting the shelves on september 27th via v2 records. jason wrote and recorded all the songs on the ep himself at his home studio in ceres, ca. same old midwest-electro-rock sound from these indie veterans. sure to be a great teaser for something bigger in the future. recommended if you like: the flaming lips, wilco, earlimart.

click here to download: grandaddy - pull the curtains

Monday, August 15, 2005

little brother - lovin' it (ft. joe scudda)

well i haven't posted any hip-hop yet on this thing because this year has pretty much sucked as far as hip-hop goes. maybe i've heard 5 hip-hop albums i've liked this year. but little brother's upcoming release "the minstrel show" (atlantic records) is something i'm really looking forward to on september 13th. if you don't know, little brother consists of 2 emcees (phonte and big pooh) and their producer (9th wonder) all hailing from north carolina. 9th is probably best known for the beat he did on jay-z's "the black album" but to me that is just a small glimpse at what he's capable of behind the boards. anyways...this is intelligent hip-hop that doesn't revolve around bitches and guns and jewelry. recommended if you like: kanye west, murs, a tribe called quest.

click here to download: little brother - lovin' it (ft. joe scudda)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

without gravity - country

so if you read pitchfork today, you probably noticed they reviewed the album "tenderfoot" by a band named without gravity. the band is from iceland and the album was released on one little indian this past june. anyways, the album received a 4.0 (click here to read it) and i'm sure you already know that's a pretty terrible rating on that site. well, they've never been more wrong in my opinion. personally, i think it's amazing. soft folk songs with hushed vocals. don't always believe what you read on pitchfork until you hear it for yourself. recommended if you like: nick drake, jeff buckley, iron & wine.

click here to download: without gravity - country

Saturday, August 06, 2005

son volt - joe citizen blues (live)

well since i mentioned son volt in my last post i figured i'd just go ahead and write something about them. frontman jay farrar recently reformed the band and they recorded a new album called "okemah and the melody of riot". the album came out about 3 weeks ago on transmit sound/legacy and i think it's the best thing they've done since "trace". the track i'm posting is a live recording of a song that didn't make the final cut. be sure to pick up the dual disc version of the album because the dvd portion has a short documentary with some behind the scenes footage as well as live performances of 4 songs. it's well worth the extra $3. recommended if you like: neil young, uncle tupelo, wilco.

click here to download: son volt - joe citizen blues (live)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

brad rice - burnin' light

you might not know it, but you've probably been listening to brad rice play guitar for years. presently he is the lead guitarist in the latest incarnation of son volt. in the past he's contributed his guitar skills to acts such as whiskeytown, ryan adams, and tift merritt. he recently found the time to record a solo album entitled "karma bed" (nuthinbutlove recordings). i have a strange feeling this album was made especially for me because it covers every genre of music that i love. it blends rock/shoegazer/country/blues/psych all into a plethora of soulful noise. oh, and he played everything on the album himself except for drums. recommended if you like: the jesus and mary chain, paul westerberg, love and rockets.

click here to download: brad rice - burnin' light

Monday, August 01, 2005

mobius band - twilight

mobius band have their first full length "the loving sounds of static" coming out next week on ghostly international and it's really good. really really good. originally from massachusetts, the band now resides in brooklyn, ny where they also recorded the album with producer peter katis who has worked with bands like interpol and denali. their previous ep "city vs. country" has received nothing but good reviews so the talk surrounding this album has grown to be quite large. anyways, i think it lives up to the hype and that's a rare thing for a band to do these days. they have a catchy brit-rock sound with a lot of electronics in the background. recommended if you like: longwave, the postal service, the notwist.

click here to download: mobius band - twilight