Monday, November 28, 2005

boris - pink

so i don't know too much about boris because most of the information i can find about them is in japanese. what i do know is that if you play guitar then you need to check these guys out. they're a 3 piece from japan that play everything from doom metal to psychedelic jams to ambient instrumentals. their new record "pink" is out now in japan on diwphalanx but it won't see a release in the states until sometime next year via southern lord. i've heard the record and it's really good and really fucking loud. they also recently put out a dvd entitled heavy metal me but i haven't seen it so i don't know if it's any good. recommended if you like: earth, mc5, dmbq.

click here to download: boris - pink

Saturday, November 26, 2005

daydream nation - the everlasting

if you're gonna name your band daydream nation then you better be good. well luckily for these guys..they are. this canadian band released their sophomore album "bella vendetta" last year via elephant stone records and it was certainly slept on. the band consists of former members of the brian jonestown massacre, the warlocks, and beachwood sparks. their sound can best be described as dirty brit-rock but some shoegazer elements are in there as well. currently these guys are working on a new album which should be coming out in early 2006. also, if you like what you hear then you can pick up both their cd's from elephant stone for $5 a piece..they're having a year end sale or something. recommended if you like: oasis, black rebel motorcycle club, soundtrack of our lives.

click here to download: daydream nation - the everlasting

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

pretty vicious - white sugar

first off i want to thank travis over at medication for introducing me to these guys. pretty vicious is a new band based out of los angeles and is lead by kristin king. their debut album "hollywood forever" was released september 1st on so sweet records and it is absolutely amazing. these guys play some great goth inspired drone rock. easily one of the best debuts i have ever heard. the cd is limited to only 1000 copies so if you like what you hear then you better act fast and order one. also, if you can't get enough of kristin king then you should check out her solo ep "white dove" which was also put out by so sweet. recommended if you like: lion fever, the velvet underground, siouxsie and the banshees.

click here to download: pretty vicious - white sugar

Monday, November 21, 2005

sennen - opened up my arms

sorry for the lack of updates last week, i've been kind of busy. i figured i'd go ahead and talk about these guys even though i've only heard this one track from them. sennen is a shoegazer influenced rock band from the uk that recently released their debut album "widows" on hungry audio. the album is recieving a lot of positive reviews and apparently these guys are here to save "nu-gaze" as we know it. i ordered their cd but it's gonna take a while for me to get my hands on it because it's not available in the states. hopefully i'll get it in time to decide if it's worthy of my top 50 of 2005. recommended if you like: spiritualized, teenage fanclub, ride.

click here to download: sennen - opened up my arms

Monday, November 14, 2005

drag the river - modern drunkard

drag the river is a band that i accidentally forgot all about until today when i was browsing cd's at a local record store. i saw their latest ep "hey buddies..." and i decided to purchase it. the ep was released in 2004 on mars motors records and has 6 songs on it. for those who don't know, the band features chad price (of all), jon snodgrass and paul rucker (both formerly of armchair martian). they've put out a ton of music including a full length, two live releases and a couple demo collections as well. these guys know how to play alt-country the way it was meant to be played. recommended if you like: uncle tupelo, son volt, patterson hood.

click here to download: drag the river - modern drunkard

Saturday, November 12, 2005

skywave - adore

skywave was a pop/fuzz/noise band from northern virginia. i saw them play about 4 years ago and needless to say i was impressed. unfortunately the band broke up shortly afterwards and in 2003 they released their final album "synthstatic" via blisscent records. the album collected material from more than a dozen previous releases as well as some brand new tracks all from the same sessions. if you like what you hear you can check out what a couple former members are currently up to in their new band a place to bury strangers. recommended if you like: the jesus and mary chain, the radio dept., the hunches.

click here to download: skywave - adore

Thursday, November 10, 2005

johnny cash - big river

it's the holiday season and that means record labels will be shoveling greatest hits and retrospective discs down our throats like they always do. fortunately, the latest johnny cash collection entitled "the legend of" isn't really all that bad considering it's only one disc. the album is out on universal records and it is the first collection to include tracks from the rick rubin produced american sessions. all and all it's a pretty decent mix of tunes...classic and more recent. i'd suggest it to anyone who is just starting to discover the man in black. oh and of course if you didn't know, walk the line opens up november 18th and i'm sure it's going be amazing. recommended if you like: woody guthrie, the carter family, hank williams.

click here to download: johnny cash - big river

Monday, November 07, 2005

lightning bolt - captain caveman

i'm not really into a bunch of noise-rock bands but there's something about lightning bolt that i really find enjoyable. the band is from rhode island and recently put out a new album entitled "hypermagic mountain" on load records. the album is a non-stop 57 minute long rollercoaster ride filled with feedback induced bass guitars and heavy pounding drums while the vocals tend to take the back seat and show up only on occasion. in a genre filled with bands that normally come across as pretentious, lightning bolt proves to be a diamond in the rough. recommended if you like: hella, 400 blows, wolf eyes.

click here to download: lightning bolt - captain caveman

Friday, November 04, 2005

david dondero - i've seen the love

i can't believe up until yesterday i had never heard david dondero. his latest full length "south of the south" has completely blown me away. the album was released earlier this month by team love, a label ran by conor oberst. this is easily one of my favorite folk/country releases of the year and the songwriting is just plain unbelievable. the album even features guest work from eric bachman of crooked fingers and archers of loaf fame. apparently this is david's sixth solo that means i have a lot of catching up to do. recommended if you like: willy mason, bright eyes, neva dinova.

click here to download: david dondero - i've seen the love