Monday, November 21, 2005

sennen - opened up my arms

sorry for the lack of updates last week, i've been kind of busy. i figured i'd go ahead and talk about these guys even though i've only heard this one track from them. sennen is a shoegazer influenced rock band from the uk that recently released their debut album "widows" on hungry audio. the album is recieving a lot of positive reviews and apparently these guys are here to save "nu-gaze" as we know it. i ordered their cd but it's gonna take a while for me to get my hands on it because it's not available in the states. hopefully i'll get it in time to decide if it's worthy of my top 50 of 2005. recommended if you like: spiritualized, teenage fanclub, ride.

click here to download: sennen - opened up my arms


Blogger The Captain of the Ship said...

i'm leaving a comment.


this is good - something for driving at sunset. thanks for the tip.

11/21/2005 5:19 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Named after a Ride song, no less. Nice :)

11/23/2005 2:30 AM  

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