Saturday, November 24, 2007

queens of the stone age - "make it wit chu" cd single

one thing i love about queens of the stone age is the amount of b-sides they record when making an album. most of them are covers and they're normally fairly unique versions of songs that most people wouldn't associate with the band. on their latest cd single for "make it wit chu" they included a brian eno cover and this billy idol classic that i'm posting. check it out and be sure to pick up the band's latest album "era vulgaris".

mp3 | queens of the stone age - white wedding (billy idol)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

young livers - "the new drop era"

gainesville punk rockers young livers feature members of fiya and glass and ashes and deliver 8 intense tracks of rock with gruff vocals. no idea records released their debut album "the new drop era" back in october and it's fucking rad. if you're into bands like drive like jehu, hoover or sleepytime trio then you need to give these guys a listen.

mp3 | young livers - the small hours
mp3 | young livers - fair well
stream | young livers - "the new drop era" (full album)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

chuck ragan - "work the bank" 7"

chuck ragan (of the recently reformed hot water music) just keeps on cranking out the tunes. his latest release is a 7" released on hometown caravan entitled "work the bank" that is only available during his recent tour of europe. because i'm an awesome guy, i managed to get my hands on one and i'm offering up a track from it. the song is a cover of the traditional country tune made famous by the likes of woody guthrie and johnny cash.

mp3 | chuck ragan - wreck of the old 97

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

randall of nazareth - "self titled"

randall of nazareth is the solo outlet of pearls and brass frontman randall huth. his self titled debut was released on october 23rd via drag city and it features 8 tracks of raga/indian influenced folk tunes. sounds kinda like the solo record josh homme would make after listening to a bunch of ravi shankar and john fahey. all i know is that it sounds really fucking good driving to work on a cold morning.

mp3 | randall of nazareth - climbing trees
mp3 | randall of nazareth - ballad of a sorry lonely breaking man

Saturday, November 17, 2007

tides / giant - split 12"

yea it's been a while, deal with it. recently i got my hands on a copy of this awesome split between tides and giant. both bands play epic post-metal and contribute 13 minutes a piece to this 12" which was released on october 9th by level plane. fans of pelican and red sparowes need to pick this up quick. later doodz.

mp3 | tides - the invisible