Monday, August 15, 2005

little brother - lovin' it (ft. joe scudda)

well i haven't posted any hip-hop yet on this thing because this year has pretty much sucked as far as hip-hop goes. maybe i've heard 5 hip-hop albums i've liked this year. but little brother's upcoming release "the minstrel show" (atlantic records) is something i'm really looking forward to on september 13th. if you don't know, little brother consists of 2 emcees (phonte and big pooh) and their producer (9th wonder) all hailing from north carolina. 9th is probably best known for the beat he did on jay-z's "the black album" but to me that is just a small glimpse at what he's capable of behind the boards. anyways...this is intelligent hip-hop that doesn't revolve around bitches and guns and jewelry. recommended if you like: kanye west, murs, a tribe called quest.

click here to download: little brother - lovin' it (ft. joe scudda)


Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

i love me some tribe

8/17/2005 8:35 PM  

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