Thursday, June 16, 2005

brian jonestown massacre - straight up and down

having recently seen dig!, i had to post something about the brian jonestown massacre. i highly suggest the movie to everyone if just for the antics of their frontman, anton newcombe. the man is a musical genius but he's totally insane. their sound is retro as hell but it still manages to sound brand new. last year, teepee records released a two-disc retrospective entitled "tepid peppermint wonderland." i could go on about this band but really just go rent the movie and you'll learn all about them and their friends/rivals, the dandy warhols. this is some of the most unique music i've heard lately. recommended if you like: the velvet underground, the dandy warhols, the warlocks.

click here to download: brian jonestown massacre - straight up and down


Blogger miike said...

BJM is amazing. Unfortunatly i didnt like Dig! too much. check out Give It Back and Their Satanic Majesties 2nd Request.


6/18/2005 5:46 PM  

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