Thursday, June 02, 2005

from monument to masses - to z (repeat)

from monument to masses is a political band but not in the typical sense. most political bands get their points across with their lyrics but these guys hardly ever use their voices. they get their message across by using sound bites of politicians, newscasters, and other government related broadcasts. their most recent album was released in 2003 by dim mak records and it's called "the impossible leap in one hundred simple steps." i really like the album because it's not preachy and it allows you to make your own interpretations of the content. the band is presently collecting remixes by other artists of songs from the album to be on a alternate version they plan on releasing some time soon. recommended if you like: fugazi, explosions in the sky, godspeed you black emperor.

click here to download: from monument to masses - to z (repeat)