Saturday, July 30, 2005

devendra banhart - long haired child

devendra banhart is back with another batch of psych/freak-folk tunes and one interesting album cover. "cripple crow" is the title of the new record and it will be released on september 13th by xl recordings. considering that most of the songs from his past 2 albums were recorded in a bedroom, i wasn't sure how things would turn out in a studio environment. well, the new production on the album is amazing and adds a lot of texture to his songs. he still sings about some crazy stuff and a handful of the songs are sung in spanish, which is devendra's primary language. recommended if you like: vetiver, marc bolan and t-rex, the mountain goats.

click here to download: devendra banhart - long haired child


Blogger Satisfied '75 said...

That album cover looks great

7/31/2005 4:03 AM  

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