Monday, December 05, 2005

black rebel motorcycle club - mercy

on black rebel motorcycle club's latest album "howl" (rca records) the band decided to go in a slightly different direction. they lost most of their jamc influence (they still remind me of "stoned and dethroned") and went for a blues/gospel/folk sound that really works well for them. they also kicked their drummer out during the recording of the album and later invited him back after it was completed. regardless of the drama that circulated around the making of the record they still managed to create my favorite album of 2005. the track i'm posting is an outtake from the "howl" sessions that will later be released as a b-side on their next single. recommended if you like: love and rockets, spiritualized, the jesus and mary chain.

click here to download: black rebel motorcycle club - mercy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i chanced upon your blog and saw that you had once a copy of black rebel motrocycle club's "mercy"

do you still have it? is it ok if you share me a copy? my email's

thanks so much! i've been looking for that since i don't know when!

12/29/2008 9:21 AM  

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