Monday, September 03, 2007

labor day 2007 mix

i'll be on vacation in the outer banks until the 8th so that means i'll be way too busy sitting on the beach or on a porch throwing back some cold ones to worry about updating this thing. lucky for you, i'm an awesome guy and decided to put together this little mix of tracks i've been listening to lately. enjoy.

mp3 | david vandervelde - nothin' no
mp3 | minus the bear - throwin' shapes
mp3 | shearwater - red sea, black sea
mp3 | david dondero - rothko chapel
mp3 | maserati - the world outside
mp3 | caribou - melody day
mp3 | art in manila - the abomination
mp3 | j. tillman - evans and falls
mp3 | fourth of july - she's in love
mp3 | the besnard lakes - and you lied to me
mp3 | the brunettes - small town crew
mp3 | brian glaze - rainsplitter
mp3 | birds and batteries - ocarina
mp3 | ryan ferguson - kill my confidence
mp3 | okkervil river - our life is not a movie or maybe